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AWS Rebrand

Group: AWS
Role: Art Director, Motion Lead, Designer

AWS provides a massive array of cloud services, powering a multitude of industries from entertainment to shipping to machine learning. The brand wasn’t necessarily reflecting that level of innovation, so our team spent well over a year auditing, strategizing, and exploring how we could bring new life to the future of cloud services. This represents a small snapshot of the journey from mood boards to design to motion, and final launch. I was involved from concept to completion, with specific ownership over the motion guidelines. 
Initial Mood Board Exploration
The strategy here was essentially to look at design that could work on a spectrum from more innovative and ground-breaking to more stable, grounded, and reliable. 

Design and Motion Exploration
Moving into design, we went through several sprints of exploration, looking at how these elements of reinvention and reliability could manifest in bespoke visual brand assets.

Brand Launch
This is a select snapshot of the final static and motion pieces that showcased the new brand assets.

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