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Amazon Music Breakthrough

Group: Amazon Music
Role: Art Director, Designer

Breakthrough is a playlist on Amazon Music that features up and coming artists from all genres, but more importantly a program that helps new artists build their careers by increasing exposure and building fans. A big part of building buzz for new artists is creating out-of-home placements, activations, listening parties, and murals. This work represents a selection of pieces I either art directed in collaboration with illustrators and painters, or personally designed. 

Brooklyn Mural
Amazon Music has a mural wall in Brooklyn, NY that is updated every six weeks, each time featuring a new Breakthrough artist. The art is a collaboration between the Amazon Music team and the agency, and is all hand painted.

Breakthrough artist: Stephen Sanchez
Illustrator/Painter: Alice Tye
Mural painters: Overall Murals
Art Director/Designer: Ryan Obermeier

Final Art

Mural Process


Stagecoach OOH
This was a billboard designed to promote Bailey Zimmerman, and placed on the 10 in Palm Springs so fans will see it on their way to Stagecoach.

Breakthrough artist: Bailey Zimmerman
Art Director/Designer: Ryan Obermeier

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