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Custom Guitars

Designing and building guitars is an occasional passion that is rewarding in that it combines equal elements art, design, music, and woodworking. These examples use black walnut wood sourced from a family farm in Iowa, originally milled during WWII.

“Sunset Special”
This is a custom profile solid body proportioned to a Tele but with Strat style front and back contours, contoured cutaways, and Les Paul sound thanks to dual PAF humbuckers. It is a laminate of maple, birch, cherry, and black walnut, with a CBS neck, hard tail bridge, and standard Tele controls. 

This is a semi-hollow body based on the Thinline Tele, but has a custom profile with dual cutaways, a Rickenbacker slash-style f-hole, and more of a vintage vibe. It is made from 100% black walnut, uses Fender wide-range humbuckers, ‘72 reissue Fender hardware, and a CBS neck.

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