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Echo Sketches

Group: Amazon Echo
Role: Art Director

The goal was to convince potential customers, families in particular, that they can benefit from having Alexa in their lives. We constructed a massive digital and social campaign that is founded on simple holiday-focused scenarios people can relate to through the lenses of music, smart home, productivity, and communications. We created approximately 30 original concepts using simple line drawings and traditional animation, produced hundreds of executions, then blew it out across multiple channels and platforms including pre-roll video, animated banners, live action Snapchat and Instagram stories and ads, Facebook carousels and videos, Pinterest boards, Mashable lists, NFL takeovers, Spotify placements, TuneIn podcasts, radio, and more.

Pre-Roll Video

Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Animated and Static Banners

NFL Homepage Takeover

Facebook Carousels

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