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Echo Voice-Controlled Ad

Business Group: Amazon Echo
Role: Art Director

The concept of making your home smart is something that is familiar to many people, but also confusing. What do I need to buy? How do I set it up? Why do I even need it? We decided the best way to convey the idea of smart home was to actually create a digital version of one. We shot several scenes in a living room and a kitchen, and worked with an interactive media company to make it voice-controlled by the user. In this way, people can experience the product first hand before investing in it. The result is the first pre-roll ad you can control with your own voice, hands free. To date, metrics show a 135% lift in purchase consideration and an incredible 4% click-through rate.

Interact with the living room ›
Interact with the kitchen ›
(Google Chrome and Android only)

Ad Walkthrough


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